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CIDA e ambiente

We asked Eng. Franco del Vecchio, Secretary of the Confederation and coordinator of the monthly magazine for Industry Executives “Redazione Dirigenti”. Del Vecchio was a senior executive at Apple, Olivetti and NCR. In particular, in the 80s, he worked with Steve Jobs as Apple Marketing Director. He has been Coordinator of the Innovation Project for 15 years and has always promoted merit-based corporate renewal and creation of job opportunities. In our opinion he who could really help rebuild the future of Italy. Sustainable development and management is a combination that is getting stronger and stronger ..

May you tell us something about the initiatives of CIDA and ALDAI (Lombardy Association of Industrial Executives) for sustainable development? Last September, public and private managers, represented by the CIDA, signed the protocol for Sustainable Development of the Lombardy Region. We want to contribute to the development of job opportunities and welfare by delivering to the new generations a better world than the one we received.

We are carrying out four specific initiatives to promote sustainable development:

  1. a) We try to raise awareness of our managers and to promote a sustainable development culture and skills in our communication media and we have created a specific section in the Industry Executives magazine “Redazione Dirigenti”.
  2. b) Industry managers, in particular, have undertaken initiatives for the promotion of the circular economy with the aim of developing synergies between management, business associations and universities to encourage their development
  3. c) We promote initiatives aimed at developing the “Green food chain”, thus improving quality while respecting the environment
  4. d) We are working on an innovative project to train young people in schools. The initiative aims at enhancing the contribution of senior managers in the training of young people. Indeed sustainability is also the development of training contents, in collaboration with the schools, that can be integrated in the lessons to create a culture of sustainable development. The initiative starts with a trial project in a given number of Lombard schools.

Is there any update in the light of Covid-19? The locked down imposed by the Covid-19 emergency forced many people to use digital applications, often for the first time. In two months, digital solutions, especially on smartphones, increased as in the last two years by changing the habits of people at home and at work. The sharp increase of e-commerce and smart working are emblematic examples of a new world. The disaster caused by the pandemic has also generated some positive effects because digital solutions are environment-friendly and the drastic transport reduction improved air quality. The digital media reading increased as well, at the expense of paper media, but nowadays I wonder what sense it makes to keep cutting forests for the publication of newspapers and magazines, when there are communication channels more respectful of the environment.

We read that your action refers to the 4 areas of the national strategy for sustainable development. The “Management for Sustainable Development” action includes initiatives to promote all 17 goals of the UN Agenda with particular attention to: 4) Quality education, 7) Affordable and clean energy, 8) Decent work and economic growth, 9 ) Industry, innovation and infrastructure, 11) Sustainable cities and communities, 12) Responsible consumption and production, 13) Climate action, 15) Life on land, 17) Partnerships for sustainable development.

In particular:

  1. a) support the development of human potential by putting people at the center;
  2. b) guarantee full employment and quality training, promote sustainable research and innovation, affirm sustainable production and consumption models, foster a carbon-free economy.
  3. c) ensure sustainable management of natural resources, minimizing soil and water pollution, closely monitoring the ecological status of natural systems and reducing polluting emissions in the atmosphere;
  4. d) affirm the principles of legality, justice, equal opportunities, meritocracy and legal certainty.

A sustainability awareness campaign for business management is also planned. How is it articulated? The awareness campaign is based on a selection of articles from the magazines of the management associations. This month, for example, we published on “Redazione Dirigenti” an article on Benefit Corporations to increase the knowledge of companies on the certification process. You will also do training in schools. Such as? For years, managers have been involved in Young Apprenticeship Programs, in the development of soft skills and in the orientation of students both though work placement experiences and tutor managers interventions at schools. The Covid-19 emergency favored distance learning though video conferences and the digital applications will reduce the distance between schools and the world of work.

Have you got previous experience in these aspects? Of course this attitude is part of our mission, it is in our DNA.

Upcoming initiatives in this field? Sustainable development is not a slogan and we must all be committed to develop a society that respects the environment and the new generations. We must really do it in a systematic way. We cannot be proud to see our children live worse than we did in a worse world. We cannot limit ourselves to just respecting the environment, but we must create the conditions for a better world for the new generations. We must give those who come a planet that offers better quality of life, and perhaps even a lower debt.

Thanks Franco we will keep following your initiatives. Good job!