The pilgrim ways: a spiritual and religious journey

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This tale is the fifth in the Vocabulary of Nature series.

This time, Mr. Sinibaldi talks about the pilgrim ways towards Rome. Walking aquires a religious value, too.

The suggestion of places results from men’s stories

Italy in general, and Lazio in particular, have been crossed for centuries by the pilgrim ways. Rome, heart of Christendom, was the most important place in Southern Europe.Today many walkers are still permeated by faith and assign a strong meaning to their commitment, which is not only a physical one, but also, and a above all, a spiritual one.

Walking pervades the meaning of things and the concept of life according to the walkers, their behaviour, their relationship with the environment and other people.This relationship enhances knowledge and respect for Nature and Mankind, it enriches connections and sociability.

The arrival of the pilgrims

Pilgrims arriving at night are always welcome:

they passed through woods and lands, villages and towns, waded brooks and admired landscapes; a journey that encompasses a natural simplicity toward the world. Tiredness becomes almost enjoyable, together with the curiosity toward new places and old travel companions. 

The Lazio Region is active in promoting the trails that cross its land, in finding new destinations.

Sometimes trails go through unknown areas, far off the beaten tracks, but very attractive.

TrailsAmong the many trails available, there is the Cammino Naturale dei Parchi (CNP), that encompasses different protected areas between Rome and L’Aquila. A long walk meant not only for expert hikers, but also for anyone eager to support a slow turism.

Quake-stricken areasWalking through some quake-stricken areas in Central Italy is a unique opportunity to show solidarity with the local peole.