Ecomondo: the Green New Deal has been launched

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Also this year (2019) Ecomondo (the Green Technology Expo) was held in Rimini from November 5 to 8. The international exhibition brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform, from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development. Some data: the exhibition area covers 98,000 square meters. Exhibitors are growing, this time exceeding 80,000, in sharp increase compared to previous editions. Around 1300 exhibitors were present and many meetings and events were held (over 150 with more than a thousand speakers). Difficult then to choose the most interesting ones. So we preferred to attend the opening plenary session and hear about the trends of the current edition. This year the keywords were: Green New Deal and climate challenge: aims and path to 2030. It should be noted that the new European Commission and the new Italian Government have proposed to promote a Green New Deal to jointly address the environmental crisis. The reason is easy to understand: without the joint efforts of everyone it is not possible to face – with concrete possibilities of success – a crisis of this size. In addition to the environmental crisis, Europe is also experiencing a low economic growth that certainly does not help investments to renew our old economy. Therefore the event focused on the formulation of ideas and proposals to support an epochal change mainly addressed towards a substantial cut in greenhouse gas emissions and to promote sustainable industrial development, thus to create new jobs. The roadmap will require at least ten years for its implementation, it will need substantial financial resources as well as a tax reform. By 2021 it is foreseen the establishment of the carbon tax and in parallel the reduction of labor taxes. Prof. Edo Ronchi, former Minister of the Environment, outlined this program and also pointed out the major achievements and drawbacks in our country. Sergio Costa, current Minister for the Environment and Land and Sea Protection also spoke. He urged all the stakeholders to work along with the concerned authorities for the achievement of common goals. The plenary session was followed by other three thematic sessions: the Green New Deal for cities: a national urban regeneration program; the Green New Deal for the circular economy and finally the Green New Deal for the territory: the role of businesses to enhance agriculture and natural capital.

In relation to business, we attended several meetings, such as the one on the Italian strategy for plastic materials, we visited several stands and spoke with the entrepreneurs. During these visits we introduced Phoresta News to the operators and talked about the topics they would like to find in our magazine.