Love for Nature and Art, Despite Everything

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The art gallery Gilda Contemporary Art is  particularly sensitive to the topics of climate and sustainability. Among other things, they made an agreement with Phoresta to compensate their CO2 emissions.


In parallel with their commitment in the environmental sustainability, Gilda Contemporary Art organizes a lnumber of exhibitions of artists who are often concerned with Nature. One of them is Francesco Garbelli, whose personal exhibition is held from 26 September to 6 November 2019, curated by Cristina Gilda Artese and Alessandro Trabucco, intringuingly titled “Despite Everything, A Love Story”. Love for whom, or what? Firstly, love for Nature, seen as the expression of a perfect, unsurpassed  beauty. But not only… The author also has a strong feeling for art and for some artists. Francesco Garbelli thinks indeed that art is a striking expression of human creativity, of a complete and unconditional freedom, It is important to point out that the exhibition is not a retrospective, it just deals with some topics of the artist’s research. There is a strong attention to environmental issues, already addressed by Francesco Garbelli starting from the Nineties. Tributes to artists dear to him are also on display.  Among these, Gustave Courbet, Alighiero Boetti, Marcel Duchamp and Jackson Pollock. All without forgetting humor, one of the main features in Garbelli’s art. The most recent issue of Or Not magazine will be available at the gallery, totally dedicated to the artist. Or Not is a monograph magazine of contemporary anomalies published by arsprima. Next 11 October at 5.30 pm, the new issue will be presented at the Milano Gallery Weekend 2019.

Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1990, Francesco Garbelli lives and works in Milan. He is among the promoters and protagonists of the show-event held in Milan in the Eighties, in the former factory of Brown Boveri. 

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