As it turned out, waste is gold

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We often spoke about Circular Economy. But we may add a definition to the other ones: the circular economy is also a mirror trick, because it reflects over and over again many aspects of our society. Certainly the economic ones, but also the saving policies, the sustainable growth, etc, etc. Every aspect is reflected in another one and so on, in and endless chain of reflections. And this would be enough to explain the growing interest in this system.

If we were to represent this process with an image (or series of images) we would probably opt for the scene of the labyrinth of mirrors of the immortal film by Orson Welles “The Lady from Shanghai” (1947). Do you remember? The main actor finds it hard to understand where his interlocutor really is, bevause he is reflected in a thousand different mirrors. But our next conference – sponsored by the Manzoni Rotary Club in Lecco, in collaboration with Phoresta – can help even the most unaware citizen to understand the impact of the circular economy on himself, his family, his work. So, let’s start with some facts. Today our society is affected by many problems, some of them very serious: overpopulation, pollution (especially from plastic) CO2 emissions, the need for renewable energies … Well, the formula proposed by the circular economy is probably the most promising and reliable solution at the moment. This is explained by several high level specialists  in the conference ‘Circular economy: waste is gold’ which will take place on Thursday 21 March at the Pole of the Milan Polytechnic in Lecco. The name of the conference is slightly provocative but reflects the new perception of the waste in our society. The waste was (and sometimes still is) considered as something unpleasant and harmful, if not dangerous. Indeed we pay to get rid of it. The circular economy switches the concept: waste is precious and, if well used and recycled, it can help us solve many problems (landfills, pollution, damage to ecosystems etc.). Everything nice? Yes. Everything easy? No. Then we should learn from the specialists who will speak at the conference. Carlo Manicardi – President of Phoresta – will begin to explain in detail what it is, what it does and where the circular economy goes. Then Dr. Gianluca Telera – Chartered Accountant of the Girotti Studio in Bologna – will speak about the new laws on industrial waste disposal and the non-economic information to be included in a balance sheet. Afterwards Dr. Carlo Tedeschi will tell us how to get raw materials from waste. Roberto Galeazzi (President of the Val.M.A.U. Consortium) will speak of consortium policies, that are essential for a successful re-use of waste. Dr. Erika Solimeo will talk about Plastic Hackathon – London and its innovative solutions for reducing plastic pollution. A project that seems to be very promising and it is open to those who want to participate. The Eng. Carlo Coluccio – we know him well from the various interviews he gave us – will close the conference talking about air pollution, renewable energies and sustainability mobility. The works will start at 2.00 pm, the last speech will begin at 6.00 pm. We’d like to add that training credits are available for lawyers, accountants and engineers. In short, if you want to learn more about  the circular economy, you cannot miss this opportunity.