The Forest, our Little Known Friend

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You certainly remember, among the others, Broken Nature, that combined nature and art, with an amazing result. At the end of last year, one more interesting meeting was held at the Triennale: the Beauty of the Forest, whose subtitle was The Ecosystem of Forests in the Past, Present, and Future. Organized by Casa dell’Agricoltura (House of Agricolture), the meeting was meant to spread the knowledge of forests, and highlight their potential and problems. The starting point is a depressing fact: the concept of forest in Italy is little known, even if the forest area is a third of the country’s area. With this in mind, the meeting aimed at demonstrating  the concrete value of forests and their potential. For example, it is possible to set up a wood industry and provide ecosystems to society. Forests can also be a way to fight the threats deriving from climate change. We have repeatedly explained on Phorestanews the vital role of trees in absorbing Co2. But we have to reach a wider audience, that has to get used to “live” forests and benefit from them, also as far as health is concerned. Phoresta has committed itself to this and we can mention, by the way, the wood we planted in Bologna. But the work done by our friends of Casa dell’Agricoltura – committed to spreading a new environment-friendly farming – deserves tribute, as we are going the same way. The meeting was held in cooperation with the World Forum on Urban Forests and the patronage of Mipaaf, the Ministry of Agricolture, Food and Forestry. So, essentially, it was a useful, valuable meeting.