Make every month the month of the Earth

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We continue to keep an eye on the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU). You may remember that it helps local residents, businesses and institutions use less energy and save money through efficiency and renewable energy programs.

They  may suggest some useful and productive ideas also to us. A recent issue of the DCSEU newsletter keeps saying that it is possible to combine money saving with environmental protection. It mentions some examples: since 2012, the DCSEU has helped DC residents, local businesses and institutions retain 5 million tons of lifetime CO2 emissions by making sustainable energy choices. What are the means that led to these savings? the ones that we have been recommending for some time. For example by switching your light bulbs to LEDs, that last longer than the incandescent ones. It is estimated that LEDs may last up to twenty-five years. But to really tackle the problem, an energy audit is recommended, ie a global analysis of the energy situation of your home to eliminate the causes of energy dispersion or waste. For example, by sealing cracks around your windows and doors you will be able to use less energy and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This could cut 20% or more off your annual heating and cooling bills. The newsletter concludes that with a bit of common sense – and following these and other easy steps – you can make every month the Month of the Earth. That is, the “home” of each of us.