How to save electricity

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Household appliances: fridges and freezers

When it comes to domestic fridges and freezers some rules should be observed. A 10-20 cm space from the wall should be left, thus allowing the rear-coil ventilation. If possible, the rear coil should be dusted from time to time. Fridge and freezer should be regularly defrosted, and the compressor should be checked in order to see whether it works for some minutes and then turns off for half an hour. If the opposite happens, it means there is a problem with your appliance; it could need a gas charge or its seals could be damaged. In these cases, a service centre should be contacted, and you could be suggested to buy a new appliance, possibly belonging to the A+++ class. With these few simple adjustements you will save on the power bill and will contribute to drop pollution and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Have a good saving!