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Plant a tree now
Less Cars
National Geographic
Clean Power Plan
emissioni passeggeri/KM
Choose renewable energies

Choose renewable energies

If we use all of our resources, economy will collapse

Protect biodiversity

Protect Biodiversity

Learn not to waste nature

stop global warming
Save the forest

Save the forest

The forest is the oxygen generator for our planet

Bio Gelateria in Milan
More Trees

More Trees

Trees are our most important ally in the battle against CO2.  An adult tree absorbs huge quantities of CO2 and releases enough oxygen to support the lives of two human beings.  If we plant more trees we can secure a better future for the planet and preserve the lives of many plant and animal species.  

More oxigen

More oxigen

Oxygen on Earth is becoming increasingly scarce: 20% remains in the atmosphere for what was once 38-44%.  In the cities the percentage falls even more and in industrial areas it drops to 10%.  To raise the amount of oxygen trees must be planted and existent green areas conserved.  

More animals

More animals

Biodiversity is the variety of animal and vegetable life forms present in the ecosystems of the planet.  To conserve this biological diversity it is necessary to safeguard the ecosystems and natural habitats in situ.  The extinction of a plant or an animal is a grave loss to the planet.  

BLN Ton CO2 emitted annualy

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BLN Ton CO2 absorbed annualy

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Forests, Co2 emissions and world population today

Watch on the map how rainforestsCO2 emissions and population are distributed all around the world 

Population (millions)

Population (millions)

In the last century the world population went from 1.6 to 6.1 billion. Over the same period, CO2 emissions rose 12-fold. The increase in both population and CO2 emissions together with new patterns of consumption have decisively contributed to global warming.  

CO2 emitted (Billions of Tonnes)

CO2 emitted (Billions of Tonnes)

CO2 is the main greenhouse gas produced by human activity. It is naturally present in the atmosphere, but – starting from the industrial revolution – human activity has increasingly added to CO2 levels, thus altering the power of forests to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.   

Forests (Millions of Hectares)

Forests (Millions of Hectares)

Forests play a fundamental role in the carbon cycle: they absorb and treat CO2 and produce oxygen. The reduction of the forests together with the growth in the global population and CO2 emissions dramatically affects global warming. 

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