Sustainable. To be or not to be?

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There are more and more initiatives focusing on climate and environment. Among the most recent, one of the most significant was the meeting – mediated by LifeGate – between the girls and boys of Fridays for Future Milan and several representatives of the business community and the culture and information sectors.


The meeting took place at 9 pm on May 24th, the day of the second world strike on climate change. It was located at the Triennale Park in Milan and was moderated by Simone Molteni, Scientific Director of LifeGate. At the beginning Molteni clarified the concept of sustainability (to be or not to be sustainable), but above all he explained that the solutions exist. He said that his organization has been on the subject for several years now. In 1967, for example, an observatory was created that carried out research on sustainability, led by Prof. Renato Mannheimer. But now, it may no longer be enough just to study the phenomenon but it would be necessary to intervene and to eliminate the most harmful effects (climate change, etc.). And time is running out: according to most scientists only 12 years are left. In short, we must move from a phase of analysis and pure protest to a constructive intervention. The movement Fridays for Future took up this challenge all over the world when the young people decided rise their voice. We cannot but agree. Indeed they are the future and without decisive interventions they will inherit a really degraded environment. The young people of Fridays for Future seek the dialogue with the “old generation”, with the establishment, of course without betraying their ideals and requests. The meeting was attended by Stefano Boeri, President of the Triennale, Luciano Fontana, Director of the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Marco Pedroni President of Coop Italia, La Pina of Radio Deejay and by many other representatives of the business community and the cultural and the information sectors . Many of these guests talked about the solutions that they adopted in their companies to promote sustainability, such as fashion and finance (Amundi) operators and many others.