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There is another Genoa that looks to the future and is planning and implementing very important works. One of these is the “Great Campus” scientific park. Maria Francesca Silva, an engineer, specialized in Smart Cities, urban regeneration, infrastructure and real estates, will explain its aims. Here goes the interview.


Q: You are responsible for developing the Great Campus. Would you like to introduce it to us briefly?

R: Great Campus is the Science and Technology Park of Genoa, the largest in Italy: over 400,000 square meters of green areas and infrastructures. A project that I have been following for several years as Development Manager and which is transforming the criteria used for building scientific parks. The project is focused on people, for this reason we have chosen to support the creation of services, equipped areas and activities for the entire community of residents and workers. In short, it is not just an area for enterprises and research institutions, but really for the whole city.


Q: We read that you changed the original name. Why?

R: The previous name represented only the geographical area, what was there before the Park: just a hill full of containers and industrial structures.

Great Campus is the acronym of Genoa Research & Advanced Technology Campus because what has been achieved is a large research and development center for companies and institutional bodies, but also and above all a meeting place for citizens.


Q: The park is implementing several projects related to sustainable mobility. May you tell us something more?

R: In my opinion, sustainable mobility is a pre-condition for all kinds of urban regeneration project. I know that Phoresta pays a lot of attention to environmental sustainability issues and I share this concern. In the Great Campus there is one of the first electric charging stations in town, for the users of electric cars, bikes or scooters.

We also supported the development of car sharing that was crucial in the traffic management emergency that followed the collapse of the Ponte Morandi. Luckily we had already started the process, so it was easier to manage the emergency.


Q: There is also a large urban park. What is its total extension?

R: There are 220,000 square meters of green park with playing grounds, also for children with disabilities, areas for sports and various areas for walking dogs. We have also included “smart” objects such as benches with power outlets, a radio system to send messages and safety control devices. The park has just been opened, is open to everyone, 24 hours a day and is fully funded and maintained by private funds. In these days there are so many children and young people and for us it is a great satisfaction.


Q: What are the future targets of the Great Campus?

R: We are finalising some important development agreements for the construction of a new health center for nurses and administrative staff. We are waiting for the arrival of the new laboratories of the IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) and of the new Polytechnic School of Genoa. We are going through great changes and it is our responsibility to know how to seize and manage them for the benefit of the city.


We thank Eng. Maria Francesca Silva for her kind explanation that increased our knowledge and appreciation of the town of Genoa.