Main initiatives of Phoresta in 2018. Alone or with partners.

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In 2018 Phoresta strongly committed itself to the environment with a wide range of initiatives. We have organized conferences, planted new forests, offset CO2 emissions and so on. Sometimes we acted directly, sometimes in collaboration with other institutions or organizations. Before filing 2018, we deem necessary to recall all these actions, as an impulse to keep following this path and to do even more and better in 2019. Let’s see then the path we already traveled.

Enjoy the reading.


January 2018


Here comes the sustainable happiness


From 19 to 28 January the ‘Sustainable Happiness’ took place in Reggio Emilia at the Teatro MaMiMò. Propaganda events in support to the environment. On the first day there was an eco-friendly aperitif with 0 Km companies. Then, some shows followed – always on environmental subjects – staged and performed by students and directors of the MaMiMò theater school. On this occasion Phoresta offset the CO2 emissions for the trips of the speakers of the 6 seminars held during this event.


Phoresta’s woodland in Bologna is finally born.


And it will grow well, thanks to Guido Barbieri, the agronomist of Phoresta, who is taking care of this green corner in the outskirt of Bologna. The first 175 trees and 325 shrubs have been planted and the access path is ready. There are also parking areas. The forest has the purpose of increasing the biodiversity of the area and it will absorb around 18 tons of C02 / year.


International monitoring


Phoresta projects that generate carbon credits are monitored by the Ecosystem Marketplace, an initiative of Forest Trends, a non-profit organization that aims at increasing transparency and providing reliable information for ecosystem services and related payment systems. Launched as a web-based information platform in 2004, Ecosystem Marketplace publishes newsletters, articles and relevant reports on market-based approaches for the promotion of ecosystem services. In 2007, it started collecting research data and from 2010 it publishes the annual report ‘State of Voluntary Carbon Markets”


April 2018


Travels and CO2 compensation


On April 17, Phoresta signed an agreement with the travel agency Vagabondo Viaggi Ltd., based in Rome. Phoresta sold to this Agency 4,800 carbon credits coming from its ‘Oxygen Project’ in the Valle del Treja Regional Park. The objective was to offset the CO2 emissions of the flights sold by Vagabondo Viaggi in 2018, 2019 and 2020.




Sustainability at the Third Age University


The interest in the environment is ageless. Perhaps the youngsters should be more concerned about environmental degradation and climate change, but also older people are sensitive to these issues because age – hopefully – brings wisdom. A demonstration? In May, our president Carlo Manicardi went to the University of the Third Age of Reggio Emilia and spoke about climate change and compensation of CO2 emissions to a really concerned audience of fifty people, who were probably remembering a better world.


A perfect presentation


The 27th of May, Phoresta participated at The Blank Art Date which took place in Bergamo from May 25th to 27th. It was a weekend dedicated to contemporary art but not only. The event encompassed a plurality of events, including extraordinary openings of various historical houses but also concerts, conferences and performances. One of these meetings, which gathered a nourished and interested audience, was the presentation of Phoresta held by our President Carlo Manicardi.




From 6 to 23 September the 8th. edition of the Masters of Landscape took place in Bergamo, an event that promotes nature and beauty, dedicated to landscape architecture and outdoor design. Charming locations distributed in the evocative historical squares of Bergamo Alta. The CO2 emissions of 6 of the scheduled events were compensated by Phoresta. But that was not all. Among the meetings that took place there was also – on September 5 – an in-depth seminar on compensation. Among the speakers there were some members of the Stucchi Spa that was one of the sponsors of the event. Our president spoke about the usefulness of compensation and the primary role of Phoresta in this field.




On November 20, the seminar “Climate change, the town and its green and the conscious use of the territory” was held in Carpi. The three topics were presented by three different speakers. The one  on climate change by our president Carlo Manicardi, the second one by Guido Barbieri (agronomist and co-founder of Phoresta) and the last one by Francesco Fantuzzi, economist and civic activist. The meeting took place at the Carlo Rustichelli auditorium. Detailed data and technical information were used to explain to the audience the three closely linked subjects. In particular, Guido Barbieri emphasized the importance of the census of the green for a correct knowledge of the situation and the conditions of our public and private green areas.


A gallery that compensates for its emissions


On November 29, a new exhibition was presented at the Gilda Contemporary Art Gallery in Milan, which offsets its CO2 emissions through Phoresta since quite sometimes. It was a personal exhibition of Denis Riva entitled Memorandum and curated by Cristina Giulia Artese and Alessandra Redaelli. The evening began with a presentation by Cristina Giulia Artese and followed by an intervention of Carlo Manicardi. Our president briefly introduced Phoresta recalling that the association promotes forestry projects and deals with subjects related to the circular economy.




Towards recognition of the credit market


The CREA seminar “The market of forest carbon credits ” took place in Rome on December 18th. CREA is the main Italian research organization dedicated to agri-food supply chains. The seminar discussed the need to define rules and institutional guidelines for the recognition of carbon credits and ecosystem services generated by the forestry sector. Phoresta was invited to attend the seminar, bringing its contribution to the work and the debate.