Guido Barbieri: what has been done and what should be done for the urban green

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We keep talking about the important meeting “Climate change – The town and its green. Sustainable use of the territory” that was held on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 in Carpi at the auditorium Carlo Rustichelli. As we reported in the previous number of Phoresta News, the meeting was opened by Carlo Manicardi, President of Phoresta. His introduction was followed by the speech of Guido Barbieri, member of Phoresta Management Board. Barbieri spoke about the town and its green, tracing its history for the past thirty years and explaining what has been done but above all what should have been done. Let’s start from the first point: what was done and the strategies that were followed. The various interventions were based on the Regional Law of January 24, 1977: provisions for protection of the regional flora – establishment of a Regional Fund for Nature Conservation and guidelines for the collection of forest products. According to the law, the Municipalities carried out the census of their green that allows to detect the regional emergencies and to identify the intervention priorities at local level. The Municipality of Carpi followed this directive and the census of the green was a true territorial study from which it was possible to obtain significant information such as the ratio public green / inhabitant and its quality. Another point tackled by Barbieri was the Regional Landscape Plan that has the purpose of defining the objectives and policies for the protection and the enhancement of landscape in the entire regional territory. The Landscape Plan provides the regulatory framework for provincial and regional planning. Barbieri also explained that the plan is addressed to the region, the provinces and the Municipalities. Later, Barbieri passed to the painful notes, ie what has not yet been done for the green. A fact is very clear: Italy is the country that gets the highest number of EU sanctions and 18.29% of these infringements refer to the  environment. Strange enough, rules and laws exist but are often escaped. Why? Because, for example, the surrounding green is perceived as a nuisance when a road or a supermarket have to be built, so it is removed or spoiled. In the last part of his speech Barbieri listed what, on the contrary, should be done. For example, all municipalities should define their Green Regulation. Not even the Municipality of Carpi has got it, however it has adopted a set of green rules and regulations of considerable interest. At the end, Barbieri spoked of his best environmental wishes for the territory of Carpi: a long-term program, that is a master plan for environmental protection; a large park for the town; a greater commitment to enhance the green; support for the owners of woodlands or large parks. All this seems a great challenge, but perhaps not just a dream.