An exemplary agreement

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The agreement between the Treja Valley Regional Park and Phoresta was signed in April 2017 and ever since many steps have been taken and many initiatives have been carried out. The agreement supports the implementation of the Oxygen Project which has two main objectives: to balance CO2 emissions and to promote eco-system services. In practice, Phoresta grants an annual contribution to the Park for the long term sustainable management of 60 ha of woodland located in the Municipalities of Mazzano Romano and Calcata. The proper management of biomasses leads to increased carbon sequestration and improves the health of the forest, thus its capability to provide ecosystem services. The agreement resulted in the production of 5,200 validated carbon credits that Phoresta will sell on the voluntary market and will turn the related income to the Park for increasing its forestry activities.

A concrete example on how to support vegetation and biodiversity protection. But, let’s move further.