A law to stop land consumption

Phoresta / 2018  / A law to stop land consumption

Phoresta News Letter often dealt with the problem of land consumption that keeps stealing land from agriculture. We therefore welcome the presentation of a popular petition to stop this pernicious trend. This proposal was initially presented in January 31, 2018 to the National Forum of Movements for Earth and Landscape, called ‘Let’s Save the Landscape and Defend the Territories’. The title of the proposal is ‘Rules to stop land consumption and to reuse urban land’. The document has been prepared by the multidisciplinary technical-scientific Working Group of the National Forum, coordinated by Alessandro Mortarino and Federico Sandrone. The Italian Forum of Movements for Earth and Landscape is a civic network which currently affiliates about 1000 organizations and many thousands of individual citizens. It was established in October 2011 in Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI), with the objective of fostering the promulgation of national rules for counteracting land consumption. In 2012, the Monti Government presented a first draft law, but after more than 5 years, the bill has not yet been approved and, according to the Forum, it ended up emptying its original contents. It was then necessary to draft a new text for fighting the ‘land consumption emergency ‘. Between October 2016 and January 2017 a large multidisciplinary scientific and technical Working Group was set up consisting of 75 specialists: architects, urban planners, university professors, researchers, pedologists, geologists, farmers, agronomists, environmental technicians, lawyers, journalists, psychoanalysts, technicians of mayor national associations, trade unionists, landscape architects, biologists etc. Now the text is ready and it certainly represents the most suitable tool to reverse the pernicious trend of land use. For further information, you may have a look at the web page “DEFINITIVO – proposta di legge di iniziativa popolare Forum Sip agg 31-1-2018”.